Queixumes dos Pinos - Spain- Folklore always by flag

 During this year 2021, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, from Queixumes dos Pinos we have worked hard to continue keeping the interest in folklore alive in society.

During this year 2021 we have organized the Folklore Festival Festilive 2021 with three galas having as headquarters Ourense, Telde and Paris, with great acceptance by the public who followed it through the different online channels, highlighting our participation in the Fair deiTerritori de Bergamo talking about our most representative instrument: the bagpipe. We participate in international online Folklore festivals such as the Friuli Venezia Giulia festival, remembering our first visit to this festival in 2001. We participate in the Folklore festival Organized by Albadia Heritage of Israel, we develop a set of programs to disseminate the music of Galicia as Galicia Soando para o mundo with 10 chapters where we take a tour of important references of the music and folklore of Galicia, we have been working on the preparation of a documentary on the making of the Galician costume with the great Craftsman, IGF award Gold Price Antero Rodriguez Ordoñez, we have done several audiovisual works in support of the Ourense partrimonio such as the Parish Unit of A Derrasa - Esgos and the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Los Gozos,we have made an exhibition and advertorial about the primitive cleats and we have prepared a video clip about the Ribeira Sacra of Ourense in which popular music has had great importance. All this without forgetting some minor performances and festivals that have been developed throughout this period in order to keep folklore alive in all its extension.

Our constant and intense collaboration with the different international federations of Folklore has been essential to obtain very important results from these projects.

If to all this we add the beginning of the development of face-to-face activities and our participation in several television programs in Galicia, it causes the illusion to continue developing this work that we are passionate about continues to live.

The work continues constant in order to offer a program of activities for 2022 in which the Folklore of Galicia and the folklore of the world return to share spaces of music, coexistence and joy.